River Sense Level 3
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This two-day course is essentially a technical swiftwater rescue module designed for the high school age youth. In addition to reinforcing skills covered in the first two courses, this class moves into making and using simple rope rescue systems. Students will help to set up a tension diagonal, or water based “zip line”, for moving across the current. Students will also assist instructors in setting up the strainer swim. While the emphasis remains on self-rescue, more time will be spent on quick and simple rescue techniques, swimming and maneuvering in whitewater, and recognizing and catching eddies. Perhaps the most phenomenal element of this course is how the students learn to work together as a team to manage an incident command system employing a technical rope system for rescuing victims in trials scenarios (quite often twice as fast as any group of SRT firefighter students could pull it off!).

  • Course Cost: $195
  • Course Dates and Times: None scheduled at this time.