Motorized Boat Handling 1
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Motorized Boat Handling 1 is a three-day (24 hour) course designed to introduce rescue personnel to handling motorized boats on moving water. The course includes one day of classroom learning and two days of hands on exercises. During the classroom portion, students will be exposed to a number of topics including:

  • A review of the rescue philosophy in swift water
  • The application of motorized boat in the dynamic swift water environment
  • The types of motorized boats that can be used in swift water
  • Basics of boat handling

During the field portion of the course, students will be shown commonly used rescue boats, as well as gain experience reading the water and operating boats. Basic boat handling skills such as eddying out, peel outs, and ferrying will be practiced in class I-II whitewater. Students will then apply the skills they have learned to up-run, down-run, and perform rescue scenarios.

  • Prerequisites include being in good physical condition and a basic ability to swim.
    Required equipment includes full wetsuit or drysuit, a USCG approved life jacket, whitewater helmet, and booties or tennis shoes. Gloves and fins are optional.
    * Students are encouraged to bring their own personal gear, however Wave Trek Rescue has some gear available for classes—check availability.
    *Students are encouraged to bring their own craft to practice with where applicable.
  • Course Cost: $600

Course Dates & Locations

  • To be announced