Large Animal Advanced Handling
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NFPA Compliant Rescue 3 Certified

This course will prepare the student for technical rescue of large animals in advanced situations such as: animals in trailer accidents, over embankments, caught in bogs or mud and vertical and low angle lifts. Technical rope rigging and systems will be the focus of the course. Students will be introduced to animal rescue harnesses, belay systems, mechanical advantage, A frames and other options. The students will work in closed quarters with large animals and will become more familiar with animal behavior. This course focuses on the technical rope aspect of animal rescue as it pertains to large animals. The course also has an emphasis on animal behavior and utilizes realistic scenarios to better understand and perform successful animal rescues.
It is an intensive three-day, 24 class. It is a mixed lecture/ experience learning course with lots of hands on practicing of animal rescue skills. Other objectives include an in-depth look at the uses of ropes in technical animal rescue, animal handling, setting up technical rope systems and much more.

A course manual, skill sheet, test, Technical Animal Rescue™ (TAR-TR) Certificate of Completion, I.D. card are all provided during the class.

  • Course Cost: $400


  • Recert dates are the same as regular course dates
  • Recert: $300

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