Technical animal rescue water
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NFPA Compliant Rescue 3 Certified
This course incorporates water and flood rescue techniques with animal behavior to better understand and perform successful animal rescues.
It’s an intensive three-day, 24-hour class with one day of classroom instruction followed by two days developing and practicing animal rescue skills. The initial emphasis is on understanding techniques and behaviors. In the world of swift water rescue it is not only humans that are rescued. It has been proven many times over that if the rescuer does not deal with the family’s pets during a rescue that they may be doing the rescue twice. With this fact in mind, it is the intention of this course to provide the knowledge of how to safely deal with small and large animals in a swift water environment. All the core skills that are taught in the SRT1 course will be shown as well as the behavior of animals in rescue situations. Students will be taught proper approach and safety zones while working around large animals. How to rig and harness large animals.

  • Course Cost: $400


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