Swiftwater Rescue Technician Instructor Course
Price: $565.00

Item: #19

This five-day instructor course is designed to meet the needs of fire agency personnel as well as professionals who work in or around swiftwater (guides, kayakers, fishery personnel, etc.) The course covers all the material in the swiftwater rescue technician course, but from an in depth instructor perspective. Approved instructor course candidates are able to teach the WRT course or the traditional SRT1 course.

  • Prerequisites include being in good physical shape, having taken two SRT1 courses, two SRTA courses and one TRR course, and having an EMT certification or Rescue 3 approved equivalent. Students are responsible for contacting Rescue 3 for starting the instructor application process and making sure all certifications are in order.
  • Equipment needed includes all PPE for swiftwater and rope classes.
    Students are encouraged to bring their own rescue gear to practice with.
  • Course Cost: $565
  • Course Dates: To be announced
  • Course Location: Index, WA