Whitewater Rescue Technician WRT
Price: $345.00

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This course is designed to meet the current industry standards for people that work or play on or around the river, such as professional guides, recreational boaters, and Fish and Game personnel. Students will benefit from this intensive, hands-on course, using simple equipment and techniques to solve rescue scenarios that might occur on the river. Objectives emphasize developing self-rescue skills, utilizing existing water dynamics, and handling hazards and obstacles. Presented in a 3 day format (9-5 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday), this course takes the basic core essentials from the Swiftwater Rescue Technician course and applies them to the real world river environment.

  • Prerequisites include being in good physical condition and having a basic ability to swim.
  • Required equipment includes full wetsuit or drysuit, a USCG approved life jacket, whitewater helmet, and booties or tennis shoes. Gloves and fins are optional. Students are encouraged to bring their own personal gear, however Wave Trek Rescue has some gear available for classes—check availability.

  • Course Cost: $345


  • Recert dates are the same as regular course dates
  • Recert: $250

Course Dates & Locations

  • Course Dates: none scheduled at this time