Technical Rope Rescue Operations Level
Price: $375.00

Item: #10

This three-day course has one day of classroom instruction followed by two days of practical field exercise. Students will learn and practice various aspects of low-angle rope rescue. Training includes pre-planning and size up of rope rescue operations; knots, bends, hitches and anchor systems; belay operations; ascending and descending lines; mechanical advantage systems; patient packaging; and litter tending.

Students will learn how to safely handle low-angle or over-the bank type situations, as well as how to assist Technician level rope rescuers in high angle environments. Special emphasis is placed on maintaining the safety of rescuers, patients and bystanders.

  • Prerequisites include being in good physical condition.
  • Equipment needed includes climbing or fire helmet, coveralls or heavy clothing, full body harness, good boots for hiking, and gloves. Students are encouraged to bring their own rescue gear to practice with.
    * Students are encouraged to bring their own personal gear, however Wave Trek Rescue has some gear available for classes—check availability.
  • Course Cost: $375
  • Course Location: To be announced
  • Course Dates: To be announced