ACA Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Course
Price: $510.00

Item: #51

The A.C.A. swiftwater rescue instructor course is for individuals who will be teaching to their kayaking clubs, raft companies or other organizations around swiftwater. It is a 5-day course that touches on both rafting and kayaking rescue skills. It provides the instructor candidate with the latest up to date techniques in rescue.

Instructor Objectives/Performance Standards

  • Focus on course objectives - (see PDF on website)
  • Effectively and accurately demonstrate all skills addressed in the course
  • Provide accurate content in all topics, using a variety of teaching styles and techniques, in response to student needs
  • Develop a “critical eye” to help identify common participant errors
  • Develop multiple techniques to help correct participant errors/inefficiencies
  • Manage the course according to ACA instructional best practices

  • Course Cost: $510

Course Dates & Locations

  • To be announced