Tower Rescue Course
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This 3-day Tower Rescue Training course is designed to improve the safety and productivity of tower industry workers. This course meets all applicable OSHA and NFPA standards. The focus of the course will be on accident prevention, hazard identification, safe climbing and rescue

The course covers basic and specialized equipment, ropes and rigging, safety considerations, scene management and organization, ascending and descending, belaying, lowering and raising systems and litter management in a tower environment.

This course is held over 3 days - approximately 24 hours total with 4-6 hours of classroom and the rest in the field. This agenda can also be adjusted to fit each group’s training objectives if necessary.


General & Behavioral Objectives

General Objectives: This course will provide individuals in positions that may involve technical rope work on and around towers:

  1. A thorough understanding of hazard identification and mitigation in the tower environment
  2. A course of instruction in recognized rope access techniques.
  3. An exposure to current tower and rope rescue theories and philosophies.
  4. A structured, progressive, hands-on methodology to aid retention of skills, and/or to upgrade existing skills.
  5. A mechanism to improve communication and incident management for technical tower operations or rescue.
  6. Application of current safety considerations for rope rescues.
  7. An exposure to pre-planning and size-up of possible locations and hazards where rope tower work or rescue operations are needed.

Behavioral Objectives: At the completion of this course the student will:

  1. Understand the basic characteristics of ropes, knots, and technical gear used in tower safety and rescue work.
  2. Be able to manage such systems with fair competency in tower environment.
  3. Understand the management skills needed to direct a tower rope rescue mission.
  4. Be able to tie basic rescue knots.
  5. Understand and utilize basic camming devices and hitches.
  6. Understand and utilize tensioning systems and mechanical advantage systems.
  7. Be able to construct effective anchors, utilize artificial anchors.
  8. Understand and utilize rope protection.
  9. Be able to manage a self-belay, and understand the differences between static and dynamic belays.
  10. Be able to set up and manage a friction lowering system.
  11. Be able to set up and manage a raising system.
  12. Understand the role of the Incident Command Systems and the unique position of Safety Officer in tower rope rescues.


Maximum Enrollment: 12 students per instructor (six maximum on tower at any one time).

Students Need (only those who are climbing):

• Climbing or technical rescue helmet
• Leather gloves
• Work boots, hiking boots, or appropriate footwear
• Long pants or coverall
• Personal climbing or rescue harness
• Appropriate protective clothing for weather conditions
• Y-tail shock absorbing lanyard

Course Cost

  • Cost: $525


  • Recert dates are the same as regular course dates
  • Recert: $425

Course Dates & Locations

  • June 19-21, 2018 - Index, WA