Ice Rescue Courses

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Our Certified Ice Rescue courses include on-ice training including ice structure and load considerations and appropriate equipment and techniques. They are recommended for fire fighters, RCMP, first responders, SAR team members, resource management personnel, snowmobilers, ice fisherman and backcountry recreationists.

These courses also includes standard-of-care for those venturing onto flat or surface ice (frozen bodies of water) in the course of work. The certificates carry the official seal of the NFPA.

  • The most common cause of death among snowmobilers is ... drowning! This course works from the premise that there is no such thing as "safe ice". Learn to identify ice types and formations; the most common problem spots; best access and exit points; and recognize and deal with cold stress and hypothermia. Students will participate in self-rescue drills and rescuing others using various techniques and tools, from the simple to the complex. Students are also taught about the strong cross-over between ice rescue and water rescue. There is also a rope component, which will include simple anchoring systems and mechanical advantage. The requirements for the Ice Rescue Technician portion of NFPA 1670 Standard for surface ice rescue will be met in this course.

    Course Dates & Locations

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