Chris Jonason is an experienced consultant with 30 years experience in the swiftwater rescue, river safety and outdoor industry. She ran and operated Wave Trek the outdoor adventure center for 26 years. She has been active in writing curriculum for Rescue3 and the A.C.A. for the last 6 years. She wrote and directed the video Staying Alive for Rescue3. She has worked on many contracts for different county and state agencies as a safety and rescue consultant and risk management assessor. Consulting fees are based on the individual needs of the agency. Please call for a consultation.

Risk Management
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Environmental Work
Wave Trek Rescue has been involved in environmental clean-up projects requiring the deployment of booms in swiftwater as part of the clean-up process. As a specialized Haz Mat Spill Response team, our group has focused on deployment techniques in the river environment. We are excited to develop our work in this area further as part of our commitment to river stewardship, either through consultation or instruction. Please contact us for more information.

Movie Safety and Stunt Work
Chris and her team of rescue instructors have set-up safety to run support for actors and stuntmen doing whitewater action shots for movies. Chris herself has been a stunt double for whitewater action shots requiring a veteran whitewater swimmer or boater. If it involves rope or whitewater we can ensure the safest approach to the shot. Please contact us for more information.

Site Safety Assessment

We offer evaluation of work sites and procedures in order to avoid injuries and fatalities among those working in and around moving water. Clients include fire departments, municipalities, bridge and road building crews, forestry, fisheries, and hatchery personnel, adventure tourism operations, sporting events, and movie productions. Our goal is to ensure clients are compliant with or above the standard-of-care. Please contact us for more information.